Recent Before & After Photos

First United Church

Overnight freezing temperatures caused the pipe in this church to burs T. Because no one was in the church when it happened, water reached nearly every inch of ... READ MORE

Roof Replacement

A family from Caro Michigan had major roof damage after a large storm with high winds came through. SERVPRO of Lapeer came out right away and placed tarps over ... READ MORE

Sprinkler System Malfunctions

Brookwood Golf Course in Davison had major water damage due to the sprinkler system going off. The water affected several offices and hallways along with the co... READ MORE

Roof Repairs

A Lapeer home owner had a leak in his roof that caused damage to the medallion and ceiling in his living room. SERVPRO of Lapeer immediately came out and placed... READ MORE

Nig or Small SERVPRO of Lapeer is There to Help

A Davison woman had a small fire in her home caused by her sons rc car battery exploding. it ruined the carpet and left burn marks on the walls. The customer co... READ MORE

What happens When Hard Wood Flooring gets Wet?

When hard wood floors (genuine or engineered) get wet they absorb the water and eventually warp. this means that the outside of the boards rise higher than the ... READ MORE

Pipe Burst on First Floor

This home had a pipe burst on the first floor due to extremely cold temperatures. The leeks lead to major damage in the ceiling of the basement. You can tell fr... READ MORE

Fire Suppression Line Causes Major Water Damage

Creekside acres is a 4-season barn rental facility. They had a brand new fire suppression line installed that was left opened which in turn flooded approximatel... READ MORE

A Pipe Burst Causes Major Renovations

These images are from a home in which a pipe burst in the utility room due to extremely cold temperatures. The pipe flooded the entire home causing all of the h... READ MORE

SUV Causes Major Damage to Business

Walton & Becker Eye-care PC suffered major damage after an SUV hit the brick wall on the side of the building. The SUV hit the wall with such force that the... READ MORE