Recent Before & After Photos

Bathroom Fan Fire

This homeowner lost their entire home due to a fire that started in the bathroom. The vent fan had not been properly cleaned out which resulted in a buildup of ... READ MORE

Thats Allot of Foam

This 75,000 sq. ft. maintenance hangar had foam standing over 20 ft. high from a state-of-the-art foam fire extinguishing system that was set off in error. We h... READ MORE

Dishwasher Overflow

Water is notorious for causing thousands of dollars of damage in homes every year. It has an irritating way of discoloring and corroding the floors and in more ... READ MORE

Leaky Roof

This customer had some damage to his roof that created a leak in the ceiling. The damage to the roof was from a wind storm that happened over a month before the... READ MORE

Basement Water Damage

This customer had water spread throughout there finished basement. The walls have finished drywall with 1/8 paneling on the lower 3 feet and glue down carpet in... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

This homeowner had a sewage backup in their basement. All the carpeting was soiled and as you can see in the before and after pictures, the washer and dryer are... READ MORE

Church Flood

This church had a major water loss after a window was left open during a storm. The storm did not hit until later in the evening when the church was vacant. Sev... READ MORE

Spatula Fire

We have just cleaned this one so far this is a fire for Melody Pierce-Sweeney ...This home owner had a pan on the stove with a plastic spatula from Pamper Chie... READ MORE

Water Damage on Three Levels

A pipe burst in the master bedroom on the second floor of this customers home. SERVPRO of Lapeer came in and removed all of the carpet on the first floor. The k... READ MORE

First United Church

Overnight freezing temperatures caused the pipe in this church to burs T. Because no one was in the church when it happened, water reached nearly every inch of ... READ MORE